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“The world will be saved, if it can be, only by the unsubmissive.” — Andre Gide
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January 19th
3:45 PM
"Environmental destruction is morally wrong. Fighting this destruction is morally right. Mainstream environmentalists condemn ecotage because it alienates people and escalates an already flammable situation. Let it burn! We Cannot rely upon the Corporate Government to change its ways. The President of Chevron/US/GM/Japan (fill in the blank) is not going to give up his world by receiving a well-written letter. The lumber companies won’t stop until every tree is cut. The oil companies won’t stop until the Earth’s Mesozoic fluids are sucked dry and burned, creating unbreathable air and a Saharan Montana. Let it burn! What’s there to save? TVs, bulldozers, Nancy Reagan, microwave ovens, golf?"
—  Greg Gordon, Ecotage
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